We understand the pursuit began long before us. We’re honored to join the circle.

Let’s lift a glass to the trail blazers, stump pullers, blacksmiths and lamp lighters. Their pursuit made Kentucky the world’s single most important place for the two things essential to civilized life – Thoroughbred horses and bourbon. Remember, Woodford County was raw and rugged in the early days, cut from rock and clay. Yet the people persevered. But while the land has been tamed, and glowing cities now crown the Bluegrass, the dedication to the pursuit is as strong as ever. That’s why we settled here, inspired to shape our legacy amongst the Bluegrass and sleeping barrels.

“Bourbon is more than something you drink, it brings people together. Bourbon is America’s spirit, I love the history, the people, the process, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

– Guinness McFadden – President & Co-founder


The truest expression of craft happens naturally, inside the barrel, absent the intervention of human hands. That’s why we toast our spirits, extending the maturation process of the bourbon, giving them unique flavor profiles that come from our proprietary Blackwood Toasting Process™.